Info of the World of Dreamtide!

The world of Dreamtide is a vast land, featuring several species of human and beasts including: humans, dwarfs, elves – forest elves and dark elves, common animals, and dragon’s! The world is not done being created. There are lots of stories which still need to be told!

Map of Anscien and Qeoca

Not for profit.

All adventures within Dragon’s Shield and Warrior’s Call happen within the countries of Anscien and Qeoca. You can see here the cities: 

In Anscien: Raifut, the castle, Yurg, and even Kohaku’s home.

In Qeoca: Jinchun, Kusu, and the minelands.

This map was made for fun and to illustrate the path Kohaku and Sawyer take on the journey’s!