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After a great disaster that killed millions, the world turned a sweltering, deserted wasteland. Ten years later, hybrid droid Randy Hawkins is starting his fifth rescue mission for the Rescue and Reconnaissance Unit. In search for survivors, his assignment takes him further south into America than he’s been before, wondering if anyone would still be alive in this desolate tract.

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It’s been a week since leaving the hellish wasteland Preston’s known so well. He’s agreed to travel to the promised land of Ailton City with Randy, the hybrid droid who captured his heart and saved him from utter solitude. Though he’s looking forward to life in a new place, he’s also going with one thing on his mind: why did the military end Operation Wasteland?


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Left to fend for himself, Leyton is dismissed from the military with Preston at his side. Their only retreat is the horrid and shattered city the military once tried to create as a safe haven from the wasteland. Just as Leyton resigns himself to life there, Preston has other plans: to organize a raid of the military base and retrieve Randy, the man they left behind.

About Azalea

Azalea Moone is a…

No, no, no. That was my old author bio. The tedious bit of text told my approximate age, what I write, what I enjoy, blah blah blah.

Yeah, boring.

How about this:

I love spending hours writing about adventure, fantasy creatures, and M/M romance.

Some of it’s steamy. Some of it’s a slow burn.

Either way, join me in the journey!

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